Have you ever bought something and started to set it up, only to get halfway through the job to think… “Why does this exist? What purpose does this product serve, and why on Earth did I buy it?”

Well you wouldn’t be alone, there are several (seven to be exact) pieces of camping equipment that we here at Unsealed 4X4 simply can’t stand. From the bizarre to the straight-up dodgy; these are the bits of kit you won’t ever find in our four-wheel drives… well, not anymore.


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No doubt many of you have had experiences with those $8 camp chairs you see at hardware stores, and I’m going to make the assumption that not many have been good experiences. Not only are they uncomfortable; they are weak and they tend to fall to bits after one or two uses. The hinges snap, the seat material rips, and I even had one where the drink holder mesh disintegrated. This caused my drink to spill and froth everywhere – nearly reducing me to tears in the process. Don’t risk the same thing happening to you or your loved ones; avoid the lure of the bargain bin camp chair.



A good quality dome tent can be a real asset for those who enjoy hiking or perhaps require a more compact setup. But those $19 eight-man dome tents found ‘promising the world’ in certain retail chains aren’t even worth the cable ties holding the poles together during transit. They hate wind, heat and cold. They rip; some leak; and the cheap hard-plastic poles included tend to snap like grumpy toddlers at bedtime. A tent is an investment, and something that you should get years of use out of. A cheap dome tent is a disposable item that will basically guarantee a bad camping experience. In my opinion, canvas is hard to beat when looking for a long-lasting tent or swag… and it’s worth the investment.



WHY? WHY? WHY? This grinds my gears harder than a gearbox without oil. Why do so many swag manufacturers insist on including just enough canvas in their swag transit bags to barely fit the swag back inside. Sure, when the swag is new and there is no air inside the mattress (and no sleeping gear inside) they are OK. But once you actually use the swag for its intended purpose, things start to get messy. Here is a business idea for any canvas specialists out there: Invent a jumbo swag bag that can actually fit a swag back inside it – without causing a stress-induced mild heart attack. I’d be lining up for that product.



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