The Aussie JackStrap has been around for many years now, however it is the latest MKII product that has us really excited. While it still weighs in at a measly 1.25kg, the new and improved MKII is now rated to lift up to 175kg. Talk about a power to weight ratio to brag about! JackStraps work off the principal of a traditional block and tackle, only they’re much lighter and easier to use. Each kit consists of four wraps of 25mm webbing (10m in length) that pass over nylon rollers. Basically, the Aussie JackStrap allows you to lift a bulky load easily – and the fully automatic braking system will hold the weighty object without risk of falling. Could be just the ticket for lifting your rooftop tent, or kayak, off your roof… but we’re sure you will find many uses for this pearler.


Priced from: $99 (not including postage)