Now sure, this is going to come down to where you live and the terrain you drive. But if I’m totally honest, there is one clear leader in my opinion and it isn’t 16 LED light bars, awnings and a BBQ plate… even though they all have their place.


Nope, that accessory my friends is the thing you are holding in your hand right now. Be that a smartphone or a tablet device, these absolute gems have changed the way we go four-wheel driving. Now this isn’t a copout to get you all reading Unsealed 4X4, but you have to admit getting a free (often 300+ pages) magazine delivered straight to you each month is pretty darn skippy. Cheers for reading, by the way!


That is just the tip of the iceberg. I was doing some gardening the other day, and needed to know where north and south were. No problems; I downloaded a free compass app in a few minutes so I could continue pretending to be a farmer. If you want some music around camp… hey it’s in your phone, buddy. Feeling lost? Download some mapping software and you’re away. Need somewhere to camp? There are so many apps that let you find free camps to suit your requirements. I mean, most phones even have a torch built into them these days. And let’s not forget how good the cameras are for taking pictures and videos.   


So this begs the next question:
What is the best app you have used to enhance your 4X4 trips?