Weighing in at just 14kg, the Turbo X-Lite LF240 is the latest tent to be released by the BlackWolf team. It’s not just a light tent however; it has been specifically designed for tourers who do overnight trips and require ease of set-up, pack-down and storage. A front vestibule is incorporated into the tent, which BlackWolf claims is as easy to set up as the rest of the tent. To keep water out while camping, a full fly comes with the tent; and the actual tent is constructed with a breathable inner liner incorporating a poly-blend that helps the Turbo X-Lite LF240 to be 35% lighter than the tent it replaces. In terms of an easy-to-use and practical tent for a couple on the move, the Turbo X-Lite LF240 from BlackWolf certainly ticks a lot of boxes.


Priced from: $799.99