22 Jul 2018
Vehicle Reviews

Room with a brew 

You have to love modern four-wheel drives; they are comfortable, reliable and capable. The one negative, though, is that they can be hard to work on. Space is a massive issue, as there are more and more components crammed into the engine bay to make…

Vehicle Reviews

Reviewed: Jurgens TuffTrax 

Jurgens challenged us to try and break their new off-road camper. Challenge accepted!   A lot of trailer manufacturers these days market their campers and vans as ‘off-road’ capable. The problem is – what do they classify as ‘off-road’? Some play it straight and design…

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Pining for the days where 4X4s were tough and shorts were short?  Iveco has you covered.   Forget brand allegiance for a minute. Forget about the cool builds you’ve seen in magazines. Forget about the undoubtedly hilarious stickers of Calvin relieving himself on someone else’s…