16 Jul 2018
Toyota HiLux vs Mercedes X-Class vs Ford Ranger vs Volkswagen Amarok vs Nissan Navara vs HSV SportsCat
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Outback 4X4 Ute Comparison 

This is the comparison test we’ve all been waiting for, and the question it asks is simple: is the Mercedes-Benz X-Class 4×4 dual-cab utility a serious contender, or over-hyped pretender? To find out the answer we’ve taken the top-spec X-Class X250d Power into South Australia’s…



Colorado vs Ranger. Red vs Blue. It’s a rivalry that stretches back decades in Australia, and the result might not be what you think. CLICK HERE TO READ THIS STORY IN OUR ONLINE MAGAZINE Roughly $55,000. If that’s your budget on a dual-cab 4X4 ute that…


Air filters: Tested 

OEM vs Generic vs High Performance air filters – What’s really best for your engine? We combine a leaf blower with talcum power to find the best type of air filter for your 4WD… SCIENCE!   Unless you are a drag racer chasing the maximum…

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Since the late ’70s, the Toyota HiLux has been one of the most popular and respected four-wheel drives sold in Australia. There. I’ve said it. Be that because of successful marketing campaigns promoting the unbreakability (hey, it should be a word) of the vehicle, or…