22 Jul 2018
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291kW Hemi-powered Ram: $78,000 

It’s Ram’s new entry-level 4X4 ute, aimed directly at top-spec ute buyers. ‘1500’ means this Ram Truck is shorter, smaller and lighter than the big brother heavy-duty models you might be familiar with. Along with a lower asking price, it also has a different motor under…

News, Vehicles

Ford Everest, Ranger Recalled 

Ford have issued a recall for their Ranger and Everest 4WDs, which sounds pretty serious. The intermediate steering shaft, which sits between (and connects) the steering column and box, has some dodgy welds that aren’t up to scratch. If the weld fails, your steering disappears….

Toyota HiLux vs Mercedes X-Class vs Ford Ranger vs Volkswagen Amarok vs Nissan Navara vs HSV SportsCat
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Outback 4X4 Ute Comparison 

This is the comparison test we’ve all been waiting for, and the question it asks is simple: is the Mercedes-Benz X-Class 4×4 dual-cab utility a serious contender, or over-hyped pretender? To find out the answer we’ve taken the top-spec X-Class X250d Power into South Australia’s…


Readers’ Rigs 

CLICK HERE TO READ THIS ARTICLE IN THE MAGAZINE RYAN’S KUT 105 SERIES Chopping up a 105 Series ‘Cruiser isn’t the most original idea ever. Making it a space-cab chop and sliding a multivalve 1HD-FT engine in at the same time however, isn’t exactly heard…



SIMON AND LIBBY’S PRADO Simon and Libby are our sort of people. They’ve spent the last decade or so working as a chef and in marketing (respectively), before recently deciding to chuck it all in and hit the road full-time for the foreseeable future. What’s…



The White Walker Meet Todd, aka Whitey, and his awesome XLT Ford Ranger. This is the holiday chariot for Whitey, Pip and their two kids Tyler and Jordan. CLICK HERE TO READ THIS STORY IN OUR ONLINE MAGAZINE This Ranger is set up primarily for…



The ‘no press, no vice’ method of changing uni joints. CLICK HERE TO READ THIS STORY IN OUR ONLINE MAGAZINE Look, just ask any FIFO worker, life in the mines is tough. Back-breaking labour for 12 hours plus a day; dirt; grit and constant exposure…



MARC JEFFERY 6X6 LAND ROVER PERENTIE Marc has been a Land Rover man ever since he can remember, learning to drive on farms in a Series 2. His latest purchase is this 6X6 ex-Army Rover, which has already been up the Cape for a few…



When function meets form. Practical, capable & good-looking. Don’t you just hate some rigs? CLICK HERE TO READ THIS STORY IN OUR ONLINE MAGAZINE You’ve no doubt seen this vehicle on our pages before – the owner, Geoff, is a regular contributor to this publication…


TRD HiLux released 

Toyota Racing Development gets its hands on the mighty Lux, and doesn’t do much really…   …Ok, that’s probably unfair. They did add a total of fifteen new parts, and they made the ute look tougher with some 18in alloys, sports bar and some actually…