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Swags have been my preferred accommodation for over 10 years, so why did I install a roof top tent? Between working on product testing, new vehicle reviews and travel yarns for Unsealed 4X4, my dear old swag has been getting a workout of late. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. But with everything in life, one can’t help but think of ways to improve upon what we have. I don’t have kids so a camper trailer is still a little way off, and I have no desire to spend an eternity setting up a mansion size dome tent while away on trips. I needed something sturdy, easy to setup and quick to pack down. Enter the roof top tent.

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Now, in the past I’ve written off roof top tents. They seem heavy, bulky and hard to setup or pack down. So when the Aventa roof top tent appeared on my computer screen, with claims of weighing just 40kg and featuring a lower profile for reduced wind drag, my interest was sparked. Could this be the Holy Grail of roof toppers?


To find out, we mounted the tent onto a K9 alloy roof rack, which also has a nice low profile and is light enough that two people can install it. There is no wind noise (that I can hear over the rattly Patrol) and only minimal increases in body roll have been noticed. Will I be selling my swag now? Absolutely not! But will it most likely sit in the corner gathering dust until someone wants to borrow it? I dare say so.


Now, this is a very new tent so if you want more details on it you will need to contact the team at Dolium on
(08) 9358 2575 or visit www.dolium.com.au