So new it doesn’t even have a name yet… we take Cub Campers’ freshly-designed prototype out bush to find out if you should believe the hype.

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I’m going to put it out there right off the bat – I’m a big fan of Cub Campers. They’re simple, well made, easy to set up and pack down; they have everything you need in a camper and are able to be towed anywhere you like. They’ve been around for about 400 years now, pioneering the classic and the often imitated rear-fold hard floor design which hasn’t changed much… until now.

We were lucky enough to get our hands on Cub’s prototype forward-fold trailer that’s set to be released for sale later this year. It’s a completely new trailer that’s markedly different from what we’ve come to expect from the brand – so we were pretty excited to get this thing out in the bush to see what it could do.


Given that it’s a prototype, the guys were keen to point out that a few things still need tweaking and will be changed on the production model (which is due out in October). Sure, there were a few things that were amiss, but I’m not too worried; this is a company with a solid reputation for quality products so I’m confident the production models will be pretty polished.


So apart from the obvious opening configuration, what’s new with this thing? The frame has been redesigned with the drawbar rails continuing down the entire length of the camper – the idea being to increase strength and off-road flexibility. The Cub engineers tell me that all of their other trailers have suspension that’s designed and built in-house so it’s interesting to note that this one has an independent coil and shock combo from well-known trailer accessory manufacturer Alko. After putting it through its paces off-road, the new frame and suspension actually work very well together. The trailer easily followed our Troopy (over terrain that saw both lockers engaged) without a drama.