This is the latest release from All Four X 4 Spares, so new it isn’t even on the website yet. Outdoor 4X4 fire pit BBQs have been laser cut from 3mm stainless steel, in the shape of 40 Series LandCruisers and Series II Land Rovers. These fire pits can be further customised, with your name or perhaps your company logo laser-cut into the steel. The team at All Four X 4 Spares say that’s no problem at all. The kits are easy to store as they fold flat, and weigh just 22kg. More models will be available soon, including 75 Series LandCruisers, Land Rover Defenders and Jeeps . With the cooler months upon us now, these fire pit BBQs are going to be a welcome addition to any four-wheel driver’s backyard. To get on the pre-order list, email All Four X 4 Spares directly at

Priced from: $320