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When you do as many kilometres off-road as we do here at Unsealed 4X4 it is critical to have a reliable and safe way to seek help in the case of an emergency.

This is why the GME Personal Locator Beacon is an item that lives in my own personal bag of camping gear. Being a personal location beacon it is small in size and lightweight, while fitting neatly into a protective pouch with a strap, which comes in handy while you’re on the move. The device floats and can be used anywhere in the world, on sea or land. The battery life is a massive seven years, and there is even a built in high visibility flashing light to assist rescuers with finding you should the need arise. If you haven’t looked into personal locator beacons, do yourself a favour and take a look at the GME unit… it’s something you shouldn’t be without, yet at the same time it’s one accessory I hope you never have to use!

Priced from $349