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Why lug that dirty big greasy BBQ plate along on your next adventure, when there are far more compact and efficient ways to cook or heat food and water?

The VitalGrill Survival Stove is Canadian made, so you know it’s going to work in pretty much any climate. The kicker with the VitalGrill is the fact it incorporates a small battery powered blower fan, which allows you to control heat output from a gentle simmer all the way to boiling hot. The coolest thing about the VitalGrill though, is that it doesn’t run off coal, gas or fossil fuels. Simply get things started with a firelighter, and add any biomass such as sticks, leaves or small bits of wood. This combined with the blower fan will create enough heat to boil a pot of water in just minutes. When you’re done, the unit folds up into a portable carry case, which you can fit into a backpack for day trips too.

Priced from $88