In the early days of the Tuff Truck Challenge it wasn’t exactly what you’d call family friendly. Think Mad Max meets the early days of Summernats and you’re on the right track. It was more of a “boys only weekend” affair, if you know what I’m saying…

Much like Summernats though, the last few years has brought a big swing towards making the event more accessible to families, and y’know what? It’s made it so much more enjoyable.

The introduction of police patrols and splitting the camping areas into ‘family’, ‘general’ and ‘feral’ has gone a long way towards ensuring everyone has a good time without being pestered by rum swilling bogans.

Personally I thought it was great to see plenty of women and children in attendance, and even the infamous Mudrat’s Revenge stage – held at night and featuring plenty of muddy carnage, was almost sedate in comparison to early years.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone still had a great time – but I have to commend the organisers in their efforts to keep the majority of the idiots out while still making this event arguably the best four-wheel driving competition in Australia from a spectator’s point of view.


It’s not just the comp trucks out on the tracks that were of a first class standard – some of the four-wheel drives in the car park and camping areas of the 2015 Tuff Truck Challenge were out of this world.

And what a mix! We’re talking ex-army Land Rovers, neat-as-new FJ40 shorties, and modern, well modified dual cab utes and wagons. In the early mornings before the action started, we wanted to check out what sort of vehicles punters were driving to Tuff Truck. So we strapped on the camera and went for a walk through the camping sections (including Feral Hill).

If we didn’t get a chance to say g’day, look out for us next year. But if you do see a picture of your truck here, you are doing things right!

The Biggest Roll-Overs At Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge

They came, some conquered … others rolled, and pretty spectacularly too! The Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge has always been the most insane, truck destroying competition in the land. Well, it seems the track organisers have been hard at work this year, designing courses to test the skills and vehicles of every competitor.

Let’s be honest, while we all want to cheer on the winner, the best part of an event like this is the carnage. Some rolled seeking extra points driving a bonus line, some just took the wrong line altogether and paid the price. At the end of the day, there were some pretty sore looking trucks, and some exhausted pit crews. Let’s take a look at the thrills and spills of TTC 2015!

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