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We have said it time and time again, the simple things are often the most useful. If you are heading bush without a decent axe or tomahawk, you just aren’t doing things right. You can use the axe to chop firewood, as a hammer to bash in tent pegs, and even as a makeshift bottle opener if you are stuck (pro tip: bring cans next time). The Ironman range of axes and mallets have been designed to be compact in size, as well as being as lightweight as possible. There are two sizes available – a small axe and a larger splitter – both of which have a place in any touring 4X4. These axes feature forged carbon steel heads, polished for durability; multi-core fibreglass and PVC moulded handles for strength; and rubber moulded grips for comfort. The smallest of the range weighs in at just 0.7kg, so the Ironman 4X4 people weren’t joking when they said these are as light as possible.


Priced from: $19.95