In this issue we take on the Dodge Ram to find out if you really get bang for your buck with this American workhorse, plus we go to the other end of the line and take a look at the best luxury 4WDs on the market that won’t break the bank, tackle the burning question is diesel dying and loads more…




  1. I tow a 22 ft caravan with my 80 series cruiser, and over the last 10 years have had no problems. Recently I had new tires fitted, and went on a trip up north, on the way back, travelling at about 90 Klms/ hour, the van suddenly got into a serious sway, acceleration did nothing, light braking had to be done to bring the rig to a stop. On investigation as to why, the road was good highway concrete, there was no wind, so what was the cause ? As it turns out the tyre company had put two different types of cheap tyres on the rear of my Landcruiser, and two good expensive tyres on the front, this seems to have been the cause, according to the local caravan people. On taking the vehicle back to the tyre place, and speaking to the head man, he went beserk, and wanted to see the person who fitted the tyres. Results two new tyres same as the front, and a complete refund, so the moral of the story ! Make sure of your tyres, as they could cause a very bad, and expensive accident.

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