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Narva knows a thing or two about building quality electrical components, which is why it is excited to announce the release of its latest product: The Explora LED light bar. The Narva people tell us the incorporated (new) Advanced Optic Drive Technology produces 30% brighter light compared to conventional LED light bars. There are 12 x 3W high-powered LEDs inside this little weapon, which Narva claims will throw 2,400 Lumens and 1 Lux of light at 269 metres. The other advantage is these light bars have been designed to be extremely slim, making fitment much simpler for those with limited space or lightweight nudge bars. The Explora LED light bar is covered by a five-year warranty, and is supplied without a wiring loom (however Narva offers the wiring loom as an optional extra).


Priced from: $170