Nemo Galaxi


In need of a lightweight tent that is durable and affordable? The Nemo Galaxi may be the solution for you. Supported by a single-hubbed pole set for easy and quick setup, Nemo say it gives the tent strength while also weighing in at only 2.2kg. The people at Nemo have also considered the midnight nature calls we all endure by cleverly having doors on both sides, giving plenty of access for two people without having to climb over each other. Furthermore, they’ve solved one of the most annoying problems when it comes to tents: having the doors flop and get in the way when they’re open; their MagTie magnetic door tie-backs will keep them out of the way. The Galaxi also smartly comes with a light diffusing fabric pocket, which allows you to place your torch in and disperse light evenly within the tent, instead of blinding yourself while trying to manoeuvre into a sleeping bag.


Prices start from $399.95

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