And it wants its big slice of pie back!


Ride, steering and handling have all been pointed out as areas of improvement for the latest update of the Nissan Navara. It’s the second round of updates thrown at the Navara, since it was launched into a very competitive market in 2014.


Sporting coils in the rear, the Navara is a great on-road drive which is complemented by a sharp interior and plenty of inclusions. It hasn’t hit the nail on the head in Australia however, for a few reasons. Like we already know, Australians are sceptical of small capacity, twin-turbo motors; and the softly-coiled rear end doesn’t handle a load very well. And because of that, sales haven’t been huge.


Unfortunately, there’s a lack of detail on what has really changed on the Navara to facilitate the improvements under the sheet metal. But otherwise there are some spec changes. There’s an ‘Around View’ monitor, which runs through four external cameras and the 7-inch display on the dash. There are some small changes – like a digital speedo in the dash, and reworked tie-down points in the tray. There’s a $1,500 option of leather accents and heated seats, and a rear-view camera (across the board). Prices have gone up, too. Not on the top-spec ST-X, but the other options’ tags have increased to the tune of $200-$500.