We’ll show you just how easy it is to branch out and cook something really unexpected in the camp oven… and once we do, you’ll be hooked!


Combine bacon and sauces together.

Arrange oysters on a tray with a bed of rock salt or loosely crumpled alfoil to hold them in place, and spoon a small amount of sauce over each one.

You will be able to fit approximately six in a small camp oven and the whole dozen in a large camp oven.

Place in a moderate to hot camp oven on a high trivet with coals scraped to the edges of the lid for about 10 minutes. Scrape coals to the centre and cook for further five minutes or until bacon has browned. Serve straight from the oven and consume from the shell.

These are so delicious you might find you will need to buy two dozen oysters!


12 good quality oysters
in the half shell

2 rashers of bacon,
finely chopped

3 tbs tomato sauce (preferably homemade),
or other special sauce

3 tbs Worcestershire sauce