Projecta 12V Lithium Battery Charger


Lithium batteries are now the on-trend 12V battery and are seen to be one of the forefront battery types for 4X4s, caravans or even boats. However, charging these new style batteries requires an intelligent system to best preserve and maintain your battery’s life. The people at Projecta have released a solution to this in the form of their Intelli-Charge Lithium range. It will maintain the life of your batteries through a five-stage charge with an adjustable output. These five stages are: soft start one; gently charging the battery 5% of bulk; soft start two; increasing battery life by starting to charge the battery 25% of bulk; and bulk charge reducing charging time by delivering maximum charge. It also has absorption and float which ensures the full charge of the battery without overcharging it and maintains the battery at 100% respectively. With a straightforward control panel, even we were able to figure out how to use it, and it topped up the auxiliary battery in one of the Amaroks beautifully. So, with claimed shock and dust proof, this charger may be the right one for you.


RRP $349

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