Moving your camper trailer or caravan in tight spaces can be an absolute headache; almost as much as trying to hitch the darn thing in the first place. Enter the E-go from Purple Line, a caravan mover system that (according to Purple Line) is easy to install and operate. The mover attaches to the frame of your van or trailer, and can be quickly and easily removed when not in use. To operate, simple lower the mover onto your wheels and use the supplied remote control to ‘drive’ your van/trailer into position. There are three models available: The Titanium, Platinum and Quickey – all of which offer different features and price points depending on your requirements. It is safe to say however this system may put a few chiropractors and divorce lawyers out of work.


Priced from: $1,299


  1. Have used on single axle van and great manoverability. Getting them installed on my dual axle van I have just purchased.

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