It has been loved, loathed and lamented, and the thing hasn’t even been launched in Australia yet. Ford’s Ranger Raptor is treading into unknown waters, bringing a full-blown performance 4WD ute into Australia.


So many are writing it off, just because the engine is a 2-litre unit. I guess it’s because most Australians have a deep-seated issue with engine size and perceived masculinity. Personally, I’m eager to see how the car performs and drives before casting my opinion.


Engine aside, the Ranger Raptor does have some serious engineering on it’s side. There is an all-new suspension set-up, with a Watts-Linkage rear end and an independent front with cast and forged aluminium control arms. The wheel track is widened significantly, and there is now proper 33” all-terrain rubber wrapped around black alloys. And of course, there are some big old Fox shocks with internal bypassing for your high-speed control.


The price of $75,000 sets it up as one of the most expensive utes you can buy in Australia, not withstanding full-size Yank Tanks and what the V6 Mercedes will cost. Next expensive is the V6 Amarok Ultimate for $68k, which will soon come with a 190kW/580Nm 3.0 litre motor, but not any of the trick off-road suspension.


What do you think of the price?
Has Ford fallen out of their tree?