Readers’ Rigs



Chopping up a 105 Series ‘Cruiser isn’t the most original idea ever. Making it a space-cab chop and sliding a multivalve 1HD-FT engine in at the same time however, isn’t exactly heard of. Meet Ryan and KUT-105. Originally a 2001 model, the ‘Cruiser has gone under the knife, and come out the other side pushing 180kW on 35s, with only a couple of mods to the intake and injection side of things. A GTurbo Red Wheel rams the air down it’s throat, while the airbox and front-mount intercooler from FFM looks after the intake. He’s thrown a set of E-Lockers at it, wired up to the factory switch, and she just about goes anywhere. Keep your eye out in future issues, ‘cause there’s a pretty good chance we’ll catch up with Ryan to climb all over this beast and bring it to you in all its glory!



Brad has not had the Wildtrak Ranger long, but he’s wasted no time getting out there. A set of BFGoodrich KO2s and an Old Man Emu 2-inch lift saw him on a Fraser Island/Double Island point trip without issue. He’s also got the ARB bar up front with a set of steps looking after the sills. Rounding out the front he’s got a low profile GME aerial and LED spotlights, and tells us that there is lots more to come. We look forward to seeing it done up mate – she’s a good looking 4X4 with just what you’ve done already!



Well, the Prado is actually his wife’s ‘daily’, seeing as how Steve gets a work 4X4, but the important part is that they’re both building up the Prado for touring. The 2012 150 Series has already been up the Cape in 2016, and made it quite happily with some modest, yet capability enhancing mods. They’ve thrown an ARB bull bar up front, GME UHF and aerial, winch and a Safari Snorkel keeping the air clean. Suspension has been upgraded with a full set of Bilstein shocks and Dobinson springs, plus BF Goodrich KO2s keeping them rolling. They’ve made their own rear drawers which have a Waeco fridge on top, plus a set of diff breathers for river crossings, and dual fuel filters looking after the injectors. They’ve planned to cross The Simmo next year and take off on their ‘big lap’ in 2020. Great platform for touring guys, make sure you shoot us some photos from The Simmo trip next year!