We take the Isuzu MU-X off-road for a spin and find out if an SUV built by a truck company makes any sort of sense whatsoever…

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The Isuzu MU-X is proving an increasingly popular choice with everyone from grey nomads to young families becoming surprisingly passionate about this often under-rated off-roader. Not only does it drive well on the open road and perform competently as a tow tug; it’s quite happy playing in the sand or tackling a rough track.

Plus the MU-X is a bit of a looker. It has a unique contemporary SUV style with sweeping lines from flared fenders to a rearward-tapered waistline and a concealed D-pillar hidden behind dark wrap-around glass. However, the broad C-pillar and shallow back corner window make for an awkward blind spot.


Inside, there’s no denying the MU-X has a utilitarian commercial heritage. Chunky switchgear with hard-finish surfaces and plastics provide wipe-clean simplicity but cheapen the versatile interior. Other competitors do it better, providing subtle but effective aesthetic variations throughout the interior to differentiate their SUV derivatives from their commercial counterparts.

But the MU-X’s interior is roomy, functional and practical even for a larger family; there are lots of storage compartments with genuine seating for seven. Wide opening doors and decent side steps make getting in and out easy. The stiff leather-covered seats are firm with minimal bolstering in the backrest and a relatively flat base; but they’re not uncomfortable. The surface creasing already evident on the driver’s seat was unexpected in a near-new vehicle, and the lack of steering wheel reach adjustment was disappointing.



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