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Roast me …

With the winter months well and truly upon us, I’ve fallen into a ritual of cooking a Sunday camp oven roast every week. I actually crave it! Now, I’m not home every weekend (nor would I want to be), but it’s gotten to the stage where I’ve even set-up a mini campsite in my backyard with an Ozpig, some chairs and a camp table so I can get my camp oven roast fix each week. Now, as a cook I’m pretty rubbish. Which is probably why the camp oven roast is so great. All you need is some heat, time and good company to make a truly unique meal. Cleaning up is simple, and the results are tremendous. It’s basically the most rewarding hobby ever.

I like to keep things simple; just add a leg of lamb, pork or beef, a bunch of garlic and some vegies. Let it slow cook for four hours or so, and you have a winner.

So this begs the question, is the humble camp oven roast the best way to eat on the road (and at home)? I’d love to hear about your favourite recipes to get more inspiration … there’s only so much you can do with a potato or two and some garlic at the end of the day.