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Check it out! Nissan has revealed what the next version of its flagship ute looks like. The NP300 Navara is the 12th generation of this famous Nissan and will go on sale in Australia in early 2015.
While Nissan has released plenty of photos and videos and motherhood statements about the new vehicle, there are no details yet about engines and transmissions for the Australian market.
What Nissan is telling us plenty about is the new vehicle’s appearance: “The Nissan design team focused on delivering a sportier and more emotional expression on the Navara, while maintaining Nissan’s distinctive design DNA.”
Response to the new look on social media has ranged from delighted to disappointed.
But in a media statement out of Yokohama HQ in Japan, Nissan did reveal more about the NP300. Transmission options include a seven-speed automatic and six-speed manual, it said. As for engines, the “powertrain boasts improved performance, with reduced fuel consumption and emissions. The new 2.5-litre DOHC in-line 4-cylinder Diesel engine features maximum power of 140kW and 120kW at 3600rpm, maximum torque of 450Nm and 403Nm at 2000rpm, and higher boost from a turbocharger with electrical actuator. Fuel economy has been improved by as much as 11% over the previous model.”
It remains to be seen if this is what we will get in Australia. Unsealed 4X4 will keep bringing you the latest.