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It’s hip to be square. That’s according to Spotters at least, and judging by their existing range of 28 styles of polarised performance eyewear, we’d say they know what they’re talking about. Spotters have just added another pair of frames to their range, and they’re named Joker.

Joker frames have the classic square front which curve around for comfort and protect your eyes from any peripheral glare. To keep them from falling off when you’ve got your head under the bonnet, they’ve incorporated raised grips on the temple tips. The beauty of these grips is that they keep the glasses in place but don’t make the frames tighter or add any extra pressure which can cause headaches. Spotters have proved that style doesn’t need to be sacrificed for comfort, and Joker frames are no different. They come in classic matt black and gloss black, and you’ve got a choice of 11 polarised lenses to fit them with, depending on your style, and of course their function. Water sports, driving, changing light conditions, golf, colour and depth perception – pretty much any condition or requirement can be catered for by the lenses you choose. Find out more about Joker frames and the full range of Spotters lenses HERE.


If you’re feeling lucky, CLICK HERE to enter the Spotters competition to win a free pair Joker sunglasses with your choice of lens, a spray jacket, trucker’s cap and backpack – all with a total prize value of $390.