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Really like the Ranger Raptor, but want to keep the bigger 3.2L donk, 3500kg towing capacity and you’re just not sure it’s worth the price? Superior Engineering have you covered with their just-released ‘Ranger Raptor-style Pack’. It features the rear coil conversion kit, with Fox Shocks mated up to it, as well as a Raptor-style grille to go with it. The kit has been developed by the geniuses at Superior to give you the best ride, handling, comfort and off-road capability (read: flex like a BOSS) on the PXII Ranger. As with all the Superior kits, they offer a drive-in, drive-out, fully approved deal, with Superior’s welders doing the fitment and approval, especially due to the weld in kit needing to meet or exceed Australian Standard AS1554.


Price for supply and full fitment from $6,200