When you think about all that wasted space on the back of the front seats in your 4X4, you will quickly see just how practical a product such as this organiser from The Wetseat is. The designers have crafted it to be installed or removed in a matter of minutes, with no special tools required. The Wetseat organiser makes practical sense for four-wheel drivers as well as your daily transport – especially if you have kids. There are 11 pockets in-built to safely store your knick-knacks, as well as a tablet holder to store your iPad (or similar) and an integrated mesh bag too. A sturdy internal frame prevents sagging even when the organiser is loaded up to GVM (sorry, nerdy 4X4 joke) and the materials chosen strike the balance of strength while being light in weight. Put it this way: Buy one (or two) of these organisers, and you will never find yourself exclaiming ‘where is my torch’ ever again. And for that reason alone, they are a worthy addition to any 4X4.


Priced from: $80 each or $150 for two