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Preparing meals and storing cooking items while out exploring has been a problem since the transfer case was invented. Top End Campgear tells us it has put an end to this dilemma once and for all, with its Australian designed and manufactured Compact Camp Kitchen. When closed up, the Compact Camp Kitchen measures just 600mm high x 650mm wide and 520mm deep. When opened up however, there is enough space inside to literally fit the kitchen sink. A unique slide-out drawer houses a two-burner gas stove with folding windbreaks, while the front door folds down to reveal a food preparation area with a bamboo cutting board. Two drawers have been built above the prep area – perfect for storing plates, cutlery and other cooking utensils. All drawers have been lined with marine carpet, and three LED lights have been built into the unit for cooking at night. Buy this, and you will never wonder where your forks have gone. Why is it always the forks that go walkabouts?


Priced from: $1,850