Toyota Fortuner Update: Touring in a Toyota Fortuner


When we first picked up the Toyota Fortuner, it was on the back of our massive mid-size wagon comparison (which it won). One thing each tester noted, was how practical the cargo area of the Fortuner was.


It would easily accept touring modifications such as storage drawers or a drop-down fridge slide, unlike many others in this field. And why is this? Well it’s because the floor in the cargo area is nice and flat, without a massive lip at the end to work around. Well that got us thinking, how much gear can you fit in the back of a Fortuner? Quite a bit as it turns out. At the end of the day, this was made for touring and it’s a fair guess that it will be popular with families. While we would recommend removing the third row seating if you don’t require 7-seats for as much space as possible, you can certainly fit a solid load into the back of the Toyota Fortuner. This would also need to be checked in your local area if removing seats is allowed legally. So while it’s packed, we better head off on a trip. Be rude not to, right?