Do yourself a favour next time you are at a 4WD store or show, and check out the Ultra Vision Nitro 140 MAXX LED driving lights. We have tested them here in the past, and have been blown away by their performance. But it’s not just about performance these days; things have to look good too. Which is why UltraVision is now offering optional rim colour matching on the Nitro 140 MAXX range, to really personalise these accessories to your own (or your vehicle’s) taste. Have a blue 4X4? Why not match your driving lights to look like the rest of the vehicle? Own a white 4X4 and want the lights to pop? Hey, they make them in orange too! There are several options available, so the only limitation is your imagination. If you want a set of stupidly bright driving lights that reflect not only street signs but your personality too, the Ultra Vision MAXX 140s could be your new best friends.


Priced from: $677.27 (each)