When a 4×4 just can’t get the job done, maybe you should have a look at a 6×6. Below are a few examples of proper 6×6 vehicles, where all 6 wheels are powered.

merceds-g63-amg-6x6Easily the most famous 6×6 of modern times is the Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6, which is one of the few manufacturer produced consumer 6×6 vehicles. There might not have ever been a more impressive combination of ultimate luxury and extreme capability. Even special editions of this vehicle have been produced, like the Brabus 700 6×6. Between 2013 and the beginning of 2015, just over 100 G63 AMG 6×6 have been manufactured, all of which have been sold. The 6×6 production has been halted, and the new G500 4×4 Squared production has begun.


Arctic Trucks is known for making incredibly durable and capable vehicles, many times using Toyota products. The 6×6 Hilux is no different, and can be outfitted and configured to accomplish an extremely wide range of tasks, in a wide range of conditions. The benefits over the 4×4 Hilux are improved towing ability and nearly double the load capacity.

Dodge-T_Rex_mp19_pic_34559The Dodge T-Rex concept was built by Dodge in 1997, but never made it into production. An estimated 7 concept vehicles were manufactured. It is thought that the 8.0L Magnum V10 used in the concepts was tuned to produce around 497 hp and an incredible 593 lb-ft of torque.

26473570008_largeSam Prueitt of Los Alamos, New Mexico like the T-Rex concept so much he decided to build his own. He started with a ’95 Dodge Ram 2500 and used a five-link coil-suspension setup, three 2 1/2-ton Rockwell military axles, Detroit lockers, an exterior roll cage, hydraulic winch and more. The monster of a build puts out 330hp and a whopping 500 lb-ft of torque from its tuned 8.0L Magnum V10.

jk6_6x6_tyrantmotorworksTyrant JK6 Long Ranger is an American made 6×6 based on the Jeep JK. It features a 6.1 L Hemi engine producing 450 hp and offers over a 1,600 km range.

Tsim_Sha_Tsui_-_2008_Summer_Olympics_torch_relay_in_Hong_Kong_-_2008-05-02_10h50m54s_SN207104Land Rover has produced a number of factory 6×6 variants, many for the military and special services, such as ambulances, fire trucks and the like. This 6×6 Defender based ambulance could make an amazing family off-road tourer, when it is retired from ambulance duty.

Screen-Shot-2014-10-13-at-1.30.34-pmFor a truly out of this world 6×6 check out this crazy Russian build we featured a while back. Full story HERE.

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