Many vehicle manufacturers have overlooked the cooling systems fitted to their automatic transmissions. In fact there are plenty of automatic four-wheel drives that pump their transmission oil into a lower chamber of the factory radiator to cool it down. Now that sounds like a recipe for disaster to us. The best thing you can do to your automatic gearbox, is to keep it cool. These automatic transmission cooler kits from Wholesale Automatics are 100% Australian-made, and there’s a variety of vehicle-specific kits available for direct DIY fitment if you are handy on the tools. Each kit arrives with an E-coated mounting bracket, that Wholesale Automatics claims is up to 60% more resistant to corrosion than galvanised steel. The kits have everything you need for a proper installation too – including quality cooler lines with protective shielding, mounting hardware and cooler unions if required. If there isn’t a kit available to suit your vehicle, there is a universal mounting bracket also available.


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