Even the worst four-wheel drives suffer from the ugly baby syndrome – beautiful to the eye of the owner, but outright ghastly to anyone with vision or common sense. I won’t name any names here, mainly because I’d rather hear your opinion, but we’re focusing on the worst of the worst here.

The unknown machines that are so horrible, you shouldn’t even speak their names.

Maybe it’s a softroader wanna-be that’s trying too hard, a rough-looking four-wheel drive that’s so unreliable it could spontaneously combust. Perhaps it’s a ute made of steel so thin you could read through it.

POLL: Is it a Toyota? Is it a Nissan? A Land Rover perhaps? Maybe it’s a Tata or a Ssangyong? (Ooops, I said I wouldn’t name any names, didn’t I?).

Anyway, we want the dirty details.
tell us why it’s the worst.

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