4X4 mapping on your OE infotainment display… and more

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Advanced ICE can add more functionality to your 4X4’s OE infotainment display so you don’t have to clutter your dash with extra devices.

Most modern 4X4s come with standard a large infotainment display but they don’t always display everything you want, so you still end up having to add additional devices to display items such as trailer cameras, satellite navigation or off-road mapping. But there is another solution thanks to a company called Advanced ICE.


Advanced ICE can integrate all of these things into your vehicle’s OE infotainment display. For example, you can add additional camera feeds from a trailer, caravan or horse float to display on the vehicle’s factory screen rather than cluttering up your dash by having to mount additional displays on the windscreen.

In addition, if your vehicle didn’t come standard with satellite navigation, or you’re simply not happy with the quality of the factory installed navigation, Advanced ICE can add its Premium iGo Primo Nextgen street navigation that is specifically designed for people who tow trailers. This setup features vehicle-size-based routing that will ensure you don’t get sent down roads that you won’t be able to turn around on, and it can prevent you from suddenly finding yourself heading for a low-height bridge that doesn’t provide enough clearance for your vehicle and trailer combination.

Premium iGo Primo Nextgen also includes features like ‘Camps Australia Wide’ POI Database, as well as additional road warnings and customisation features.

Advanced Ice Infotainment Display Ranger

As most four-wheel drivers know, once you turn off the blacktop, most street-based navigation systems are pretty useless, but Advanced ICE can resolve this issue too. If you use your vehicle to head off the beaten track, Advanced ICE can integrate HEMA Maps’ 4WD navigation into your OE infotainment display, including the full suite of topographic maps that comes with it.

The Advanced ICE system is available to suit a range of 4X4 vehicles including the Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series, the Ford Ranger, RAM Trucks, Holden Colorado, Chevy Silverado, Ford Truck and more.

RRP: See website for details (link below)
Website: Advanced ICE




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