The easiest way to determine the sort of life a ute has lived, is by checking the condition of the tray. If it is covered in paint, dents and rust there’s a fair chance it has had a harder life than Clive Palmer’s belt. The easiest way to prevent this, and to secure a good return come trade-in time, is to have some sort of tray liner installed. There are plenty of options in this field – but if you are looking for something that is sturdy, yet easily removable, Ultimate Matting from Clark Rubber is a darn good proposition. It is available to purchase by the metre, and can easily be cut to shape to suit your tray. The Clark Rubber team tell us the Ultimate Matting is 20% thicker than most standard ute matting, and is also UV stabilised for longevity. Whilst it has been primarily designed for ute trays, we can imagine that having this installed in the back of a wagon would help keep the carpet in good condition while stopping internal gear from moving around too.


Priced from: $149 per linear metre