The absolute majority of us have a roof cage on top of our 4X4s, and more often than not we’re setting up camp when it’s dark. Not because we couldn’t get up that stupid last hill, but because we’re enjoying the scenery, right? Regardless, Narva have just launched a new set of work lights suited to 4X4s, that will make life so much easier for later than normal camp set-ups. Powered by 5W Cree LEDs, these puppies use as little as 0.6A for the smaller model. All lamps are IP68 rated, so they’ll not let you down after dusty tracks, and should you happen to put your 4X4 on its roof in a river, you can submerge them for 30 minutes up to one metre. Oh, and they’ve also got a full three-year warranty.


Prices available on request.