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Sorry, really we are… you probably didn’t need another toy in your life; but it’s fair to say you will want this bad boy. Especially considering the weather is warming up quicker than the Australian Cricket team throws away wickets. This inflatable kayak from Sevylor fits two people comfortably, and has been designed for fishing or just exploring waterways. It even looks good sitting in your backyard while you pretend you name is Cap’n Jack Sparrow after a few ales. The raised bow and stern incorporated into the design cut through the water like a knife through I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (remember that?), and being inflatable the whole box-and-dice folds up neatly into a supplied nylon carry bag too. If you can’t store or transport a traditional kayak, the Colorado from Sevylor could be a good candidate. And what a way to get fit for summer!


Priced from: $649