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It seems that jumper leads are becoming a thing of the past with booster packs getting smaller and smaller. Gone are the days of having a booster pack the size of a back pack (and weighing over 20kg) with the advent of lithium batteries. Now, you can get a 13.6Ah battery pack that’ll charge your phones and tablets (or anything on USB actually), and jump-start up to a 5.0L petrol engine or a 3.0L diesel engine; and it’s no bigger than the missus’ purse and probably weighs even less!


The Uniden Jump Starter Kit is a great little device that’ll fit in the glove box, and it removes any chance of shorting out the donor car when jumping your rig due to its built-in surge and spike protector! You can even charge it up in the car via a ciggy socket (or use an AC adaptor when you’re at home).


Priced from: $149.95