This would have to be the fanciest DIN-sized UFH on the market. Now excuse the use of the word ‘fanciest’ in a 4X4 magazine, but legit this UHF just looks so good… striking a design balance between modern yet classic, in a way. Vanity aside, the UH9050 from Uniden is also incredibly well equipped features-wise, with so many more features than you would come to expect in an old-school DIN-sized UHF. Firstly, there is a speaker built into the unit itself and the handpiece – making for audible transmissions in even the noisiest vehicle. We installed one into a GQ Patrol, and can confirm this unit is certainly loud. Another nice touch is the built-in instant replay function, so if you do miss a vital message simply press the correlating button and the last transmission can be replayed. The reason Uniden has decided to release the UH9050 in this size is that the main use for this radio is the trucking industry. Now, we don’t know about you – but if this radio is good enough for truckers who depend on reliable communication day-in-day-out, then it should be good enough for four-wheel drivers.


Priced from: $399