Unsealed 4X4 Garage – Project Rusty

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Brake Overhaul


In this month’s Unsealed 4X4 Garage, along with the help of our mates at Drivetech 4×4 we are going to tackle the brakes on old Rusty. During one of our early test drives the brakes seemed to be working OK, but as we moved through the old girl we noticed there’s a lot of wear and tear – especially on the underside. Also, with our plans to increase the tyre size and power output, the only sensible option was to give the braking system a thorough once-over.


When we got stuck in, we discovered the discs and callipers didn’t look too bad; although the pads were a bit on the worn side of good. We also noticed that the lines were quite badly corroded and the soft hoses had some nicks in them. So, with all this in mind, we got stuck in and swapped over the discs and pads along with the brake lines. While we were at it the old master cylinder looked like it had seen better days… so a new one was fitted. The last thing we want is a master cylinder starting to leak and drawing in air driving down Blue Rag in the High Country.

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