Camera Crew Levels up

The real reasons our camera crew wanted a rooftop tent… and what did we learn after installing one?

Back in Issue #34 of Unsealed 4X4, we did a comparison between swags, camper trailers and rooftop tents (READ IT HERE). It seems our camera crew were reading (we didn’t think they could read) and decided that a rooftop tent would be the best form of accommodation whilst filming Season 10 of the Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures television show. We rolled up our sleeves to help them fit an ARB Touring rooftop tent onto their VW Amarok, and thought we would share some of our experiences.


WHY FIT A ROOFTOP TENT? (the swag stays in the naughty corner for now)

  • No room to store a swag inside with all the camera gear
  • The massive internal sleeping space offered by a rooftop tent
  • The tent opens to the rear of the ute providing additional shelter
  • As the crew moves daily, a quick and easy setup is required
  • Being up high provides great airflow and protection from crocs


WHAT DID WE LEARN? (and what we would do differently next time)

  • Every install is different; you might need some extra tools (like a drill)
  • Ratchet spanners are the best invention ever… period!
  • Decide which way you want the tent to open before fitting it
  • Season the tent with water before use… lucky for us it was raining

Invite a few (tall) friends around to help lift the tent into place

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