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Goodbye Fortuner

After 15,000km and countless trips it’s time to hand the keys back. We’ve had this Toyota Fortuner since back in Issue 041 of Unsealed 4X4, and we have to say it’s become part of the family. We’ve taken it on holidays, used it on shoots as a crew vehicle and basically lived with it for the past 10 months. And that’s the best thing about it – it’s such an easy 4X4 to live with on a daily basis. Easy to drive on-road, and remarkably capable off-road for what it is. We don’t really want to give it back, but as they say, all good things come to an end. To see it off in style, we thought it was fitting to take a retrospective look at all the articles we have put together on this Fortuner. Oh, the damage report after 10 months of use? One mudflap got ripped off … not a bad innings at all.


Where it all started

The honeymoon period

Diff locks and Traction control

The Fortuner plays with a Jeep

What’s underneath the lid?

Enough work, time for a holiday

Doesn’t drink … still likes to party

On the road again

Can you use it for touring?

Recharge those batteries