The GU Patrol that blew up the Internet

Last Issue, in Adventure Cinema, we put up a video of Richard Hammond from The Grand Tour racing a supercar against a shorty Nissan GU Patrol… which absolutely spanked him. From the amount of feedback we got from you guys, generally consisting of the words, “What the hell is in that thing?!” we thought we’d better track it down and find out a little more.


Now usually we find rice rockets about as exciting as an amateur accordion recital, but in this case we’ll make an exception. You may be aware of Nissan’s flagship supercar – the Skyline R35 GTR. This is what happens when you take the engine, driveline, brakes, electrics and dash out of one, work them all to buggery; then drop it all in a shorty GU.


The result? Insanity!


1,600hp; a 330km/h top speed (which they capped because an engineer analysis told them that the car would actually lift off at 340km/h); plenty of carbon fibre; and arguably the coolest mod – different fuel maps (the 1,600hp figure was on the ‘sedate’ fuel map running only ‘medium’ boost) which allow it to be driven comfortably on the street, then when the on the track you tap a couple of buttons and there’s a brazillion more kilowatts on tap.


Forget LS1s and TD42 conversions (and anyone who mentions ZD30s in this conversation can kindly get out), THIS is the engine you want in your GU!