Let’s say you’re looking for a 4X4 to take you all over the country, possibly pulling a camper or a van along behind you. You’re going to want heaps of torque for towing, enough off-road capability to handle the rougher sections of track and plenty of comfort for those long hauls in the saddle. If this sounds like you, chances are you’re looking at one of these three vehicles to fit the bill.


The LandCruiser Sahara needs no introduction. It’s the equivalent of driving a recliner lounge and the twin-turbo V8 turbo diesel is arguably one of the nicest engines ever to be slotted between a pair of chassis rails. The Land Rover Discovery IV is slightly smaller than the 200 Series, but there’s a bunch of very good reasons why you see so many of these towing vans or campers through the bush. The 3.0L V6 has a litre and a half less capacity than the big ’Cruiser, but you’d never accuse the twin-turbo diesel, backed up by a fantastic 8-speed auto, of being sluggish. And the interior’s comfort levels are up there with a jet owned by a Saudi oil prince. It just oozes class and opulence to the point where you actually start wondering how you ever got by not being surrounded by leather and woodgrain.

And then there’s the Y62 Patrol.


Don’t get me wrong, these vehicles are among the nicest to ever come from the Nissan stable. They’re light years ahead of the previous solid-axle GU Patrol in terms of driveability and interior luxury; however there are a few points of difference between the Patrol and the other two vehicles on test.

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The first is the big one – namely the fact that the Y62 isn’t available with a diesel engine (seriously Nissan, the 5.0L V8 turbo diesel Cummins from the US Nissan Titan would work so well). Not that the alloy 5.6L petrol ‘eight’ is bad by any means – gobs of torque, power for days and that exhaust note! Put the right pedal down and I challenge any red-blooded 4X4 lover to not crack a smile. Then there’s the fact that just before we put this article together, Nissan Australia decided to chop the price of the Y62 by around 20 grand to boost flagging sales – so a six-figure cheque is no longer needed to get the keys to Nissan-san’s flagship vehicle.


This raised an interesting question for us. Does this vehicle still belong on this luxo-barge test? Ultimately, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’, but in order for us to bring the cost up to par with the Disco and ’Cruiser, a stock-standard Patrol was never going to do. With this in mind we grabbed our mates’ highly modified Y62 that, if you bought one new and did it up in a similar manner, would bring it up to about the same price as the other two. Seems fair enough to us, anyway.




  1. Thanx Pal – great analsyiss and helps me greatly make my choice. My brother has a Sahara – but Iwas leaning for the discovery but now changed me mind!

  2. I’m tossing up between waiting for the Disco 5 or going with LC200. i’ve inspected a Disco 5 (nonADR so no drive) and am surprised at the good quality of finish. LR say this is heir best off road performer to date and the reviews from OS seem to validate this. But having a van i am concerned about GVM and GCM issues. The LC200 comes with only 600 odd Kg payload whereas the Disco payload is 800Kg. The LC200 can be legally and easily raised by 400+Kg with aftermarket mods. What about the Disco? Will that be limiting going forward? Hard decision to be made.

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