You might be able to buy a new, old Jeep

ByUnsealed 4X4July 19, 2018
You might be able to buy a new, old Jeep

When a vehicle manufacturer stops producing a vehicle, it’s often not the end of the story for an outdated design. Sometimes, they continue to build and sell older models in other parts of the world. Old designs will sometimes also get sold off or licensed to other manufacturers, where the old model will get a second wind of production, often with an obscure name in an obscure place.


After assembling knock-down Jeeps during the 2nd World War, a company called Mahindra was born. They built Jeep-designed 4WDs in India, for use locally and internationally. And even the oldest designs are still being used by this company.

The Roxor is Mahindra’s latest and oldest design. Practically an old Jeep, the Roxor is an all-basic, traditional 4WD: leaf-sprung, live axles, ladder chassis and a low-range transfer case. A top speed of just over 70km/h means the Roxor will be only at home off-road, where a vehicle like this belongs anyway.

We thought this unit would definitely, 100% not be coming to Australia. But it is! The year listed at the moment is 2020 or 2021. Being practically a side-by-side, you’ll have between none and buckleys chance of getting one road registered for road use. But Mahindra are also hoping they can overcome some hurdles and offer the Roxor as a fully compliant, road-going 4X4 in the future.