In a recent interview with UK-based Auto Express, Mitsubishi UK boss Lance Bradley confirmed plans to launch a brand new SUV every year for the next five years.

Bradley outlined the firm’s plans to sell around 45,000 new vehicles a year by 2021, thanks to a full range of SUVs which will comprise a combination of electric, plug-in hybrid and conventional petrol and diesel engines.

The five SUVs include a competitor to the Nissan Juke, a large ASX, a brand new Outlander, a Pajero Sport and, wait for it… a new Pajero.


Bradley said: “A vehicle reaches an age and doesn’t get any older and Pajero is kind of there. It’ll be appearing in 2020 or 2021 as Mitsubishi concentrates on the sectors with the most volume potential.”

Whilst this is great news for UK Pajero fans, we spoke to Mitsubishi Australia which has confirmed that, at this stage, “Mitsubishi Motors hasn’t made any formal announcements about a Pajero replacement and we will continue to sell and make improvements to the current model for the foreseeable future.”

It therefore looks like the new Pajero Sport will remain as the modern mid-sized SUV choice, and it is likely to include a 7-seat option by the end of the year.

For any die-hard Pajero fans, time could well be limited to buy the last of the current breed Pajero which first launched back in 2000.


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