Is this wiring loom from Lightforce as easy to install as they say?



By now, you would have seen our unboxing video on the new Lightforce Striker LED driving light. And you might have seen the destruction testing we undertook on these lights a few weeks back. Well, we thought it was about time we showed you just how easy the latest LED driving light from Lightforce is to wire. Now, Lightforce have claimed that the supplied wiring loom is fully labelled, showing you which wire does what, and where it goes.


They also promote it as being a plug-and-play install, meaning anyone that can physically hold a spanner should be able to install them. Editor Ev worked as a vehicle fitter in a previous life, and as such he tells us the job would usually take about an hour and a half to complete depending on how grumpy the foreman was. Now, if your sparky charges $100 an hour, that’s $150 minimum you will be out of pocket if you pay to have these installed. We wanted to see if we could install the LED Striker wiring loom in less than an hour and a half, and if the loom is in fact plug-and-play. Hey, if it saves you $150… that’s a win.