Let’s set the scene: You own a 4WD with a manual transmission, have then modified it to suit your needs and perhaps turned the wick up with some performance upgrades. All well and good… but have you considered the effect this extra weight and power is having on your clutch? The latest release from Terrain Tamer has been designed to combat this exact situation, with its Fortified Clutch that has been engineered to cope with the extreme weight and engine capacities of armoured vehicles. So your dual-cab ute fitted with a performance chip and exhaust shouldn’t be a problem, basically. With all components manufactured in Japan, Fortified Clutches feature an impressive list of features and benefits whilst delivering higher clamp loads for solid performance when you need it most. Currently the Fortified Clutch from Terrain Tamer is available to suit vehicles manufactured by Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi.


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